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Love Lives Here in the USA

What Do We Believe?

We believe in, will demonstrate, and will teach intellectually honest and informed citizenship to our community. The foundations of our beliefs, actions, and teachings shall be based upon smaller and more effective government. The rule of law shall be followed as written until such a time as the laws are changed or removed. In that vein, we shall be an advocate for such change consistent with our principles. We support vigorous accountability of elected officials to the citizenry.

What Do We Do?

We are a social club working together and enjoying the fellowship of like-minded neighbors. We volunteer at the polls, knock on doors, educate our community, vet the candidates, support our endorsed candidates, serve our community through volunteerism and scholarships, and support the efforts of neighboring conservative Republican communities in Bucks and Montgomery counties
Love Lives Here In The USA In The USA
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The Future Needs You

All politics is local and there is no greater influence than a united people influencing the future of their community. Without the influence and participation of you, the citizens, our nation will simply wither and succumb to the erosion of liberty.

  • Mobilize Conservative GOP Voters
  • Ensure Free And Fair Elections
  • Protect The Future For Families
  • Serve As Community Leaders